Hey everybody! I realise that I’ve been very quiet of late, at least on the social media side of things and for this I apologise. After a month or so of being in the air or on the road I’m back home with my guitar in hand, looking out of the window at my favourite view and writing new songs which I’m already eager to show you.

However, I haven’t been completely unproductive! One of the questions I get asked more than anything by you guys is ‘Who are you inspired by?’. Obviously this being such a huge question I find it hard to answer on the spot and, to be quite honest, it constantly changes… but I have a solution. I’ve set up a Spotify playlist of some songs that keep me sane on the road and at home. Some I’ve listened to all my life and still render me speechless and others are new tracks or artists that I’ve only just discovered and who are now blasting out in my home.

Every Monday I’ll add two tracks which I’ve been listening to this week. If you guys have any suggestions as to what I should add in the following week or anything you think I should hear, just comment on my post or tweet with the hashtag #DansMellowMonday and I’ll have a listen. I’m excited to be sharing my favourite music with you guys and I hope you enjoy it!

Today’s playlist is for all the Teachers who went back to school today and all the kids going back this week… it’s all right… Christmas break is only 114 days away.

Hope you’ve all had an incredible summer!



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